Friday, April 15, 2011

$.425 options

(per SEDI)

Expiry date - April 13, 2016

Lamarque - 200,000
Sheridan - 200,000


Wingfong said...

In view of what the co has become n how the sp has crashed by virtual of their CONTRIBUTIONS,LEADERSHIP, GUIDANCE, FORESIGHT, EXPERIENCE,PROFESSIONALISM n DEDICATION...etc.. n above all landing us that marvelous ceo, I just wonder whether these so called directors can sleep well knowing we retail shareholders are now fighting damn hard for our rights n to prevent our hard- earned CMM investments from being siphoned away by ruthless n unsavoury means organised by less than honourable characters acting deceitfully.

bigrattler said...

I doubt they care much about us retail shareholders at all, wingfong.They sold themselves out long ago much like a prostitute sells their body. These guys basically prostituted themselves to Max Finsky for his gain.Hopefully all their recent actions blackballs them in the mining community.

Wingfong said...

Judging by the sequence of events, I find it hard to ignore the possibility that since mid 2010, a diabolical plan was hatched among them(perhaps among some of them) first to ambush PK, then clocked up DM n brought him in by the back door as ceo via a deceitful 'international search" smokescreen to spread the nets to hopefully round us retails in. Think it is time to train our sight on them too. I was taught one cannot clap with only one hand/palm. It is pretty obvious they owe us retail shareholders some dead serious explanations n I think we should demand that from them.

nt300 said...

These perpetrators have kept Century from reaching its true potential share value by means of manipulation and deceit. I truly can’t see anybody in the right mind voting for this merger trash.


Wingfond.... you are too gracious to give Finskiy and Associates your suggested opportunity to explain themselves. Their deceit and attempted thievery have gone to far. People of this character wiggle and squirm towards getting what they want and they do so until they get it.

In order to put some meat on the bone, Daniel Major disqualified himself as a capable C.E.O. 32 days after he officially tookover the office, at 98 days (April 12) T.E. stated that he should be fired and collectively DM and the BoD were TERRORISTS. (I thought I could hear listeners collectively falling off their chairs with glee)

The bottom line for me is that Finskiy and Associates (Major + BOD) MUST BE REMOVED from CMM. They have no integrity nor credibility. Shareholder's cannot work and be confident with these individuals. It is my preference that the CMM Shareholder's Committee recommendations and eventual actions will see Finskiy and Associates removed from our midst. The only future I want them to have which involves CMM is their hearings before Security Regulators and before our Judicial System

I also have a concern with regard to the established CMM management, namely, our Legal and Accounting. While in the past we depended on them to carry on the business of the company in all our best interests, my question is, have they been so poisoned working against us that their future rehabilitation will not be possible.

On a better note, I trust the weather and weekend on your side of the globe will be fine.

Ron S. said...

"Hopefully all their recent actions blackballs them in the mining community."

Yes, they do not concern themselves with small shareholders and I think they do not care about their future in the industry.
Maybe Danny, he doesn't sound so enthusiastic about his sleeping around now.

Wingfong said...

Now that the right to vote date has been posponed, is it possible that these 400,000 warrants will be exercised just in time to joint the yes vote camp? Can it be that baltant!?

nt300 said...

How can that be possible? The right to vote your shares has ended on April 7, 2011 NO? So how can they just add more shares to vote with and we can't?

Am I missing something here?

PayDay said...

Daniel Major said date for cut off on share votes has not been determined yet?? Confusing as the date of the vote is May 12....or is it?

PayDay said...

Daniel Major said date for cut off on share votes has not been determined yet?? Confusing as the date of the vote is May 12....or is it?

Wingfong said...

The right- to- vote cut off date was confirmed pending by DM in the last CC hence my uneasiness on the possibility of those warrants now totalling 650,000(Lamaque-200,000, Sheridian-200,000, Campoy-250,000) being exercised to join the yes vote. IMO, since the right-to-vote cut off date is delayed, the voting date must necessarily be changed as a result as voters must receive the MIC package 21 days before the voting date . According tho Lar, Co must mail off the package 3+21 days in advance to ensure compliance.

PayDay said...

I don't see how 600K worth of options is going to make a difference one way or another.

There are two votes:

1. Regular vote
2. Majority of Minority vote (which none of the BoD or Finksky is allowed to vote).

If this merge is defeated it will be under #2 which is why it is so suspicious that Finksky transferred his warrants and they have been exercised by UNKNOWN entity.