Sunday, April 3, 2011

WTG Polling of CMM Shareholders

It has been reported that WTG has hired a consultant (perhaps Kingsdale Shareholder Services) to contact CMM Shareholders.

If you have been contacted about the CMM/WTG merger (by anyone representing WTG) please report this to the Committee giving as much detail about the call as possible.

You can respond by making a post on Agoracom and/or Stockhouse or by posting on the Century Mining Blog.(stockigloo).



bigjohn37 said...

Wouldn't that be against the law? Although, it would not surprise me.

nt300 said...
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nt300 said...

I was wondering, I didn't get anything in the mail for voting. Do we have to vote or do we only need to fill out the form for the NO vote (Dissenter's list)?

It seems as though everybody will get the forms late. I wonder why???

Carib said...

nt300, the vote is not until May 12. The Circular and proxy for voting does not have to be sent out until 21 days before the vote. Someone posted that they talked Richard Meschke at Century and he indicated mid-April.

I expect you will be able to vote online. If you want to be a Dissenting Shareholder, that is a different process.

dave peters said...

Bigjohn37, why would it be against the law?

It was mentioned on another site (Agoracom) that 92% of Canadian companies tend to lock up votes in advance of merger / takeover votes.

Based on that, my thinking is that it is not illegal for companies to contact shareholders like this.

For that matter, if it was illegal, I very much doubt that any shareholder service (like Kingsdale) would assist.

Still, love to hear whether this is actually going on or whether the Kingsdale thing is just a rumour.

Gold1 said...

Do we need the share certificates for the dissent vote ... asking for cash in place of WTG paper?

My on-line broker puts that as a 4 - 6 week process.

Wingfong said...

4-6 weeks process

Something not too right. We have about +5 weeks to voting day from today but we have not seen the info circular yet. If the circular is out mid this month as indicated by IR of CMM n if the process really needs 4-6 weeks, thk there will time problem