Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sending an Email to the Regulators Is Good for Your Health

My fellow enraged CMM shareholders, I have recently found great serenity in emailing the applicable regulatory agencies. My blood pressure has dropped a minimum of 20 points each time that I hit the send key. In wishing this blissful state be made available to my fellow CMM investors, I have included a cut and paste of my letter along with a list of regulatory agency phone numbers and email addresses:

British Columbia, Canada

604 899 6644

Ontario, Canada
416 593 8314

This is what I wrote. Feel free to use any or all of my ideas.

Inquiry Officer,
                      As a small shareholder of Century Mining, I humbly request that your fine organization proceed with a formal investigation into the proposed takeover of Century Mining by White Tiger Gold. My chief concerns are:
  • The original agreement to see that minority shareholders be represent on the BOD has been blatantly violated for some time now.
  • The principle investor in both Century Mining and White Tiger Gold stands to have > 50% controlling interest in the new British Virgin Island’s Corporation with present CMM and WTG board members having prominent positions.
  • The BOD’s of both WTG and CMM are effectively controlled by the same individual.
  • Fair market value for CMM can not occur when there are these obvious conflict of interest residing on both BOD’s. Realistic pricing can be seen on two articles written by Dennis Boyco for Gold Minner Pulse. Here are the links:
http://www.goldminerpulse.com/blogs/century-mining-valuation.php http://www.goldminerpulse.com/blogs/whiteTigerGold.php
  • Recent cash-in of 25,000,000 CMM Warrants, originally owned by the major stockholder, but later sold to ‘private interests’ just prior to the cutoff date for merger vote eligibility is highly suspect, in my opinion. This action can easily be construed to be a means to influence the outcome of the minority stockholders approval of the proposed merger. These warrants should not be counted.
In support of the above listed claims, I have attached a timeline of events. Also, here is a link to an article written in Business Insider by John Helmer titled, Maxim Finsky's New Adventure -- Pulling Teeth, Extracting Value From The Tiger.


I am not alone in objecting to an effort to steal my hard-earned shares. Here is a link to a recent pole at Stockigloo:


We are well in excess of 200 shareholders representing 80,271,912 shares, who are collectively asking the fundamental question, "At what point will this shenanigans stop?" It is my sincere hope that you can help us out in this matter.


Wingfong said...

Right to the point, detail n all inclusive. Well done Wolf, well done.

nt300 said...

Great work Wolf, we should all send them e-mails too...

bigrattler said...

from the CC I assume "The Black Knight" aka Maxim Finskiy doesn't have all the yes votes he needs or the date of record would be known

not sure why he can keep doing that, pushing back the date for his convenience till he gets his desired results and get away with it

in light of this I bet there will be more negative news to come shortly

I have a gut feeling that Finskiy is afraid that there is a white knight waiting in the wings and he will lose to this knight. He is acting like the kid that always said "I am going home and taking my net with me" if you grew up in Canada you know what that means

as far as DM is concerned he is a puppet and it is more obvious then Edgar Bergan and Charlie McCarthy with Finskiy as Edgar and Major as Charlie

Ron S. said...

Sending an email skewer to CMM can be a little mental relief too. LOL

Not that it will do much good. It just feels so right and fair to do. Mine sent today below.

"SO funny that our smart guys in CMM management can recognize a better deal from Russia and while only able to position us behind behind behind in optimizing production in Quebec.

Not up to the challenge to be miners I guess.
Well, what is our management offering then?

A road show team talking our way to success, talking up some salvation coming from some over priced russian open pits.

Yeah, that will really make me a believer Danny. Keep talking. You're awesome"

PayDay said...

Here's mine:

Mr. Daniel Major, if you had any integrity you would immediately FREEZE management salaries and bonuses until such time Lamaque reaches commercial production and is profitable.

Nothing like a little PERFORMANCE BASED incentive....

oh yeah, I forgot. You can't do that because everything is something and someone elses fault. Its never the Board of Director's fault CMM can't make a profit at $1450 gold.

Good Grief! Maybe you should all just pack up your shovels and go home!

Wopster said...

I have once again sent emails out to OSC and BCSC and referred them to stockigloo and to review the takeover tab specifically.

Hopefully, many of you will also inform as many regulators and public as possible to strengthen our position with this conspiracy.

Wingfong said...

Going tro once again all the things DM has done since the 3rd of Jan, what he has said ,where they were said, the words used n how they were said, I AM BEGINING TO DOUBT WHETHER HE IS REALLY A GOOD N RESULT ORIENTED GOLD MINER/MINING ENGINEER. Perhaps as what Ron S had just said, he may not be up to the challenge to be miners afterall. Perhaps we can look tro all his paper qualifications n self-claims of experience n importance for the time being n dig out what he had done. where he had been employed, what actual solid gold mining track records he has had, peers' comments n reviews etc. In the course of my works over the past 30+ years I have seen many flower-tongued pseudo-professionals masquarating as something/somebody behind the coat tails of their masters. I am sure many of U might have chanced upon such "interesting" characters.

nt300 said...

I am very surprised a large producing gold mining company didn’t make an offer for CMM. Instead we have to somehow deal with these WTG clowns and prevent them from stealing everything from us...

Wingfong said...

Payday.."FREEZE management salaries and bonuses....PERFORMANCE BASED incentive.." I have seen many a good manager doing exactly these as they are proud of themselves n of their trades. I do hope we see something similar from DM or is it just plain wishful thinking?

Wingfong said...

perhaps one may come forth after the release of the MIC. U may be presently surprised n I do hope we are presently surprised.


If we are not looking at a "sly wounded Fox" (Daniel Major) could we be looking at a possible RESIGNATION?

In fairness to Daniel Major, I am starting to ask myself the question...can Daniel Major be rehabilitated?

Wolf Advocate said...

Ontario Securities Commission is listening and now I have been notified that a case number assigned. Blood Pressure just dropped another 10 points.

s24 said...

FREDERICTON, the sad thing is he came in with such strength, confidence, and a positive attitude. How it all changed from his first conference in feb.

Wingfong said...

Interested outcome, Wolf

bigjohn37 said...

Great job, Wolf_advocate. I essentially followed your fine example to inform the regulators. Like yourself, I should have measured my blood pressure. I did feel a sense of satisfaction after my submissions (so, I assume that my health also improved).
BTW, do you think that the US regulatory system is better than the Canadian? Your did catch some pretty big crooks during the last decade or so.

blizzy said...

I can't help but think that, from the sound of the man, he is tired, further I get the feel that he has had this rammed down his throat too. He is slowing down the paperwork TSX--TSX-V from call, slipped out the record date thing.
So, I wonder if the 13.5 mil. break fee is Finskiy's lack of trust in Major. Also he let slip, about the white Knight, suggesting he would open the books if asked.
All I am saying is try to listen to the CC again from the viewpoint of he dont like it but cant say shite.

Wingfong said...

Hi Wolf-Advocate
If it possible to use your excellent piece n attest to it signatures/identification of those who endose it n we then sent it to the lady mine minister of Canada? sort of like a petition.

Wolf Advocate said...

Wingfong – I think you might have a good idea here. I could rough draft something that is worded as a petition stating lots of facts while adding in the human element. I would be willing to do this and email it to Carib for forwarding to the committee to editing and pier review. If I hear from Carib by email saying it is a good idea I’ll do it.

Wolf Advocate said...

Bigjohn37 – I think that the world is a better place when we have fair Security Law Enforcement. I have faith in my neighbors to the North and am comfortable trading on Canadian Exchanges.

Wingfong said...

OK Wolf, U check it out on the idea's viability. If doable, I will be one of the signatories.

Ron S. said...

Thanks for your work Wolf.

For more on what is happening here in Toronto with the proposed LSE merger and a possible new national securities regulator, you can find
good information from Janet Ecker.

She is in charge of Toronto Finacial Services and is a former provincial Minister of Finance.
" The Toronto Financial Services Alliance (TFSA) is a unique public / private initiative of individuals representing the financial services industry and its trade associations, all levels of government and academic institutions. Its mandate is to enhance and promote the competitiveness of Toronto as a premier North American financial services centre."


Some of her other writing on record. http://www.nationalpost.com/search/index.html?q=janet+ecker

They are no doubt preocupied with the above matters but ultimately at some point would be interested in anyone that thought we Canucks are providing a free-for-all home for listed company business terrorists.