Saturday, April 9, 2011

SORRY about that, I don't know what happend.

Just pulled this from a website.
Intergeo for 2011 IPO, president confirms
Posted on Tuesday, 05 Apr 2011 15:00

Russian copper and nickel miner Intergeo is planning an initial public offering (IPO) on the Toronto Stock
Exchange later this year, according to press speculation. Business daily Vedomosti said the business would
divest 10.0 per cent of its equity in a private placement as part of the flotation. The paper cited Intergeo’s
president Maxim Finskiy, who said a reverse takeover is also an option under consideration.

The group is owned by precious metals tycoon Mikhail Prokhorov, estimated by Forbes this year to be the
world’s 32nd richest man with a net worth of USD 18.00 billion.

Reuters cited Prokhorov as saying Intergeo is worth at least USD 3.00 billion – which implies a valuation of
upwards of USD 300.00 million for the private placement.

Finskiy, who is on the board of gold miner Polyus Gold, said the IPO would take place later this year.
Before he became president of Intergeo, Finskiy also served at Norilsk Nickel as deputy director general.
Both these mining firms went public while he was working for them.

Established in 2008, secretive Intergeo counts metals, mining and energy investor Onexim among its major
shareholders. Other Onexim portfolio companies include Polyus Gold and the aluminium giant Rusal.

Little is known about Intergeo; the press and its major shareholder say it is a mining concern, though the
most recent available Federal Anti-Monopoly Service statement lists it as a geological surveyor.
The website is not currently accessible.

Prokhorov is Russia’s third richest person, according to Forbes. He has moved his efforts from Russian
mining and banking to US basketball team the New Jersey Nets.

Onexim, which was founded by Prokhorov in 2007, bought an 80.0 per cent stake in the Nets for
USD 200.00 million in May 2010 from American property developer Bruce Ratner.

If these jokers say that Intergeo is worth $3 billion, then it's probably only worth about $300 million.

This is getting really interesting.

For those who do not know what Mr.s Finskiy & Prokhorov look like, feast your eyes on the following two
web pages.


NSX001 said...

Sorry , but the website for Mikhail Prokhorov will not open.

Plea try this other site.

Uall said...

Finskiy better not mess up his reputation with CMM then... much more at stake with Intergeo.

nt300 said...

I think he already has messed up his reputation with CMM or should I say minority shareholders. I don’t think we can ever trust people like that especially how they are trying to ram this merger down our throats.
He can fix this relationship by offering us a much better deal, but it won’t change the way we feel about him...

NSX001 said...

It would appear from this article that Mr. Finskiy and Prokhorov are planning to move into Canada in a big way. It also states that a reverse takeover of a Toronto listed company may be part of their plan.

"The paper cited Intergeo’s president Maxim Finskiy, who said a reverse takeover is also an option under consideration."

And there you have it, part three of their plan.

- First, reverse takeover SL Resources @ .28 cents/share thereby creating the Wet Tiger with no real assets.

-Second, through some dirty tricks and potentially illegal maneuvering, depress CMM's share price, then with toilet paper, takeover CMM and put some real assets into the Wet Tiger, thus transforming it into a real Tiger.

-Third, after pulling the same dirty stunts on WTG that was done to CMM, do a reverse takeover of WTG and bring Intergeo into Toronto, Canada, flush with assets and under total control of Finskiy & Prokhorov.

They will continue to do this with larger and larger companies until they reach critical mass.

At least that is their plan, but we minority retail shareholders will make him pay dearly for our millions of shares in cash, not toilet paper like the rest.