Monday, April 4, 2011

This is part of a statement taken from the Arrangement Agreement. For those that are making a profit from this take over, beware.

Century shareholders are further cautioned that the proposed Business Combination will constitute a taxable transaction for Canadian-resident shareholders and may be a taxable transaction for shareholders in other jurisdictions, with any resulting tax being required to be "paid in cash".



To date, 483 members have indicated "NO" to WTG paper (417) or 1:1 (66). Also, 260 have indicated and listed their share holdings.

These results indicate that there are 223 members who have potentially still to be added to the "NO" holdings list. This has increased by 9 since yesterday, April 3

I appreciate all the anomalies that could be introduced here .... but one cannot deny that the trend towards "NO" is continuing.

The fact that CMM/WTG management would create income tax implications without regard to shareholders, is just another blatant example of their disregard for all shareholders as they try to ram "THEIR" best interests down our throats. Giving me/us an advisal or warning does not mitigate the financial damage that they will cause to shareholders. I did not ask for this when I bought and held my CMM shares.

It is in "OUR" best interests to support the CENTURY MINING SHAREHOLDER'S COMMITTEE


Wingfong said...

THE CENTURY MINING SHAREHOLDER'S COMMITTEE HAS MY FULL TRUST. I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THEIR COLLECTIVE WISDOM N CAPABILITIES. I shall wait n let the the committee members carry out their plannings and strategies in the quite especially between now and the day the info circular is released. I strongly believe in the value of CMM n I content that it is not that the assets have failed shareholders. It is the management of CMM that has failed the company and betrayed we shareholders.