Monday, April 4, 2011

While we are waiting...

I would like to echo Carib's advice (posted a couple of days ago) that in addition to the Shareholders' Committee's actions (much of which will be conducted initially in private (for obvious reasons), we, as individual shareholders, can and should do several things: (1) Let's work/lobby the media to pick up on this story (aas Carib put it: let'e shine some light on these cockroaches!). We live in diifferent cities (& countries), so who knows when a journalist is going to take a look at this unfolding story. John Helmer's article was a good start. Maybe there should be an article in the Val D'Or Daily (if there is a newspaper there?), perhaps the journalist can talk to the miners, and see how they feel. Perhaps they can help uncover fraud about the equipment!?

(2) Let's contact/recontact the regulators about non-compliance with Canadian laws, conflicts of interest (Finskiy controls both Boards), so he just wants to steal our shares in a phony "business recombination", which was recommended by all his lackies.

We must do our best Individually & collectively) to stop the pending theft of our shares without paying cash for them (based on objective & fair valuation). It is my opinion that WTG shares were manupulated to where they are trading today because of the fact that a single shareholder controls over 74% of them.

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Gold1 said...

How about creating a social event this being the age of facebook & the like.

Cause a stir by creating a video of a creature: half century. half tiger.

Anyone know a celeb? Get Justin B to write and sing a song.