Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Can my Broker Vote my shares per my Instructions?

Hope Flash does not mind, but I thought his question was important enough to post. I believe many people are confused about this process too including myself.

flash said...
My shares are in various roker accounts. Are you telling me that my broker cannot vote my shares as per my instructions? Are you telling me that I have to get physical possession of the share certificate and then have that registered swith Century or its agent before I can get to vote them?
Please clarify and indicate what are the steps.
Thank you.


maria said...

I'm about to call my broker again and clarify everything a little bit better. He had told me that Century will determine who's a shareholder of record on April 7 and after that they will mail out the proxy material. He added that if it gets close to May 12 (voting day) and I haven't received the packet then to give him a call and he will get the number I need to vote my shares.

As per posts that I have read it seems the process is a bit more involved.
You guys mentioned the need to possess the share certificate.

maria said...

I called my broker(the global desk) and the guy doesn't know anything about filling for dissent.
I'm wondering what happens to my shares (price wise) if/when I file for dissent and the merger proceeds.
Thanks guys

nt300 said...

I called my broker (Scotia iTRADE) and he mentioned that the PROXY should have instructions in regards to dissent if I choose to do so.
I just hope we have enough NO votes overall to stop this theft of Century Mining Corp. and take back our company and keep our shares in tact... I so wanted to add to my position, I just don’t feel comfortable right now with this merger situation. I guess now it’s too late anyway for any new shares I accumulate, they won’t count...

maria said...

Guys, I don't know much about equities, mergers...etc. and I'm wondering if anyone has sufficient information and knowledge as to whether or not WTG has in place enough "deal protection devices" to mathematically guarantee this merger or not.

Wingfong said...

Hi maria

To be a dessenting shareholder as per Lar's explanation n to vote NO are two very different things. U just vote according to the instructions lay out in the packet u are going to receive. However, to be a dessenting shareholder is much more involving. What I do now is to wait for the committee's recommendations/decisions before my decision