Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update From CMM Committee

We are pleased to report that members of our committee attended a very productive and positive meeting with our lawyers today.

Following the meeting the committee held a conference call meeting during which the opinions of the legal team were shared with the entire committee.

You can expect to hear further reports and details regarding these discussions as soon as the upcoming weekend.

We can tell you now that these meetings could not have been more positive. We look forward to further communications with you very soon.

CMM Shareholders Committee


Rickydee said...

Again id like to thank you guys for your diligence and hard work. Im sure none of it will go unnoticed and i would suppose a donation fund would have to be set up soon to cover such costs.


Good to see that Sudbury Novice is back up and running.... not too fast, not too far.

????? what security measures will be in place so as to keep the information private ???????

nt300 said...

Great job guys and thank you very much for your hard dedicated work.
Good question FREDERICTION, the last think we need is WTG bloodhounds snooping around.

Wingfong said...

Let us have it as soon as possible

Ron S. said...

So interested in your work for us, this is a different world than I have ever had to be involved in.
So much riding on it.
Best wishes to you guys in organizing the contact method etc.
Looking forward to the possible instructions this weekend. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Please definitely let the CMNZF (US over the counter stock equivalent of CMM) know what we should do to help in this vote. If there is a different course for us, please direct us. I'm sure there are a number of CMNZF stock holders listening here. Regards and Thanks.

bigjohn37 said...

Great work, Committee members. Thanks a whole bunch! We are with you all the way!

Wopster said...

My suggestion in regards to the donation fund is:

From these 80 million plus shares voting "NO" - there should be a percentage/share paid to the fund -whoever contributes is part of the group that will join in this legal action and this will actually give us a real count of how much "NO" votes are actually with us.

This should not be by donation but mandatory by all involved to make it fair for all as we are all after the same goal here.



nt300 said...

Anonymous, correct me if I am wrong but I believe the USA Century Mining Corp is also involved with this rip-off merger. Can anybody comment, if Century goes through with the merger, there will be no more Century. Hope this does not happen, we don't want crooks taking what is ours.

Wopster said...

In regards to the 80,000,000 shares voting "NO" If all contributed even $0.005/share on all 80,000,000 shares - we would have approximately $400,000.00

This would definately be enough for a retainer.


nt300 said...

$0.005 per share sounds like a fair deal though I don't think we will need that much money for legal support. But it's good to have that donating strategy in effect. We should also fight to make WTG pay back our legal fees seeing how they are the culprits that got us here in the first place.

Simply put, we DON’T deal with Russian Crooks thank you...

Ron S. said...

Pretty much what I have in mind as well, 1/2 cent per share, unless there are personal circumstances.

Now, I am a person who has pretty much stayed away from litigation, only having done real estate. (should I put in a LOL here?)
I wonder however how much retainer would a firm typically ask for up front, a quarter of that?
Guess that will depend upon the scope of what we have to do.
Or should we not give away any ideas in print. Now I add an LOL.

paliman said...

I was just wondering guys and gals if we could use what we are doing and make a blueprint to form a retail shareholders union? Say when a person invests in a company if we want some sort of protection they pay a flat fee to join the union from that flat fee we can run the expenses of our committee and officers.Say if we need to take action like get a member to the BOD of a company we have a assesment of .005 per share to accomplish our goals as a union. If we can build this union and talk as one voice we can be heard, it would help investors decide if they want shares in the retailers unions company. As an investor looking for an investment you look to see if there is a retailers union to provide some sort of protection for your investment before you decide. Its time we as ordinary people stand up for ourselves, there is power in numbers, let us not be pushed around any longer. We must unite and form analliance of the people!!!

Wingfong said...

Hi Paliman
Your idea is new to me. If it is doable, believe long term investors would like to explore all possible

Wingfong said...

ideas including yours should the vote NO camp wins

chump said...

What is the name of the law firm you have consulted? Have they confirmed that they have no conflicts and have they actually been retained.

Please answer these questions - no ffence but it will give me comfort to know this committee is for real.

Ron S. said...

Patience Chump.
Whoever you are.

Wingfong said...

Chump.."..will give me comfort to know this committee is for real"
Members in this committee are Fair For All(chairman),Sudbury Novice(secretary), Positive Carry, Hoov, Rosedale, Carib. Like U, i only come to know names/nicknames of the first 5 members since this WTG-CMM merger issur surfaces. As for Carib, he set up the CMM Blog n is the Blog Administrator ever since. Reading all his past n present postings, I can say he is a no-nonsense man n he n Relic(his son) are holding a total close to 1.6million CMM shares too. So for me his very involving as a committee member firmly ascertain the committee is for real . As for whether the law firm has been retained, I believe a decision will only be made after we have the MIC of the merger.