Monday, April 11, 2011

Tomorrow's Conference Call suggestion

Can I suggest that while I, like many others, would like to take a piece out of Daniel Major and his conduct ...... that we leave time-room open for our big guns..... namely, the Century Mining Shareholder's Committee or for those who are close to understanding this ridiculous scene and could ask the difficult questions.

Keep in mind that Daniel Major, from his last Conference Call, appears to only have 39 minutes of stamina for the Q & A.

If it appears that questioners are no longer in the que and the operator is soliciting more questions..... then open up and let Daniel Major have it with both barrels.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day.



Just had an additional thought.... it is also possible that Daniel Major will be flooding the Q&A with "his" questioners to ask the easy and Merger selling questions.

Anyone have suggestions as to how to thwart this attack..... although it would be obvious.

Sent yuri said...

I won't be able to participate tomorrow doing to important work meetings but if someone could else could ask Daniel Major the following:

1-WTG does not have a lot of volume and analysts have said it's overvalued. Given the hesitation of many CMM shareholders, why should they consider this merger good news?

2-Is there something about WTG that the public doesn't know that would make us more eager to embrace this merger?

3-Since the deal was announced CMM has lost roughly 100 million dollars in market cap. What do you make of the market's response to the deal?

I would also suggest that if Daniel Major tries to keep his answers short, you would say something along the lines of, "Mr. Major, we are the shareholders who stood by CMM in some very dark days, I think you owe us more than an impatient one-line answer.

Ron S. said...

When is this?
Call in number?

Would depend on the person managing the que if he/she
detected all warm fuzzy content to bump some callers out of standing order and move others up.

I don't think we can influence this other than be ae early as possible.

PayDay said...

Question for Major (Dickhead):

According to the Apr 11 NR, Lamaque is on target to produce 70,000 opy this year. Given that Lamaque could only produce 5800 oz for the whole 1st Quarter, that leaves production of over 21,000 per quarter from Lamaque to even reach its minimum target.

How is Century Mining going to produce 21,000 oz per QUARTER from Lamaque?

Question 2:

If White Tiger Gold is a legitimate company, why does it need to be incorporated in the British Virgin Islands?


Question 3:

WHO exercised Finksky's 25.5M warrants and will they be allowed to vote and/or be included in the majority of the minority??

Rickydee said...

Is there a reason that Finskiy sold warrants to someone else, and if so why were they exercised only after they were needed and very close to date of record. And please do not say Finskiy is not here to answer.

That's my question

Carib said...

I was anxious to see the year-end financials to see what the cash balance was at December 31, 2010. I was expecting at least $4 million since the last PP for $4 million closed only a week earlier. But the reported number was a paltry $223,890. Almost $4 million out the door in a week, leaving us vulnerable to a bridge loan from WTG!

And how about those cash costs at San Juan - $853/oz - an improvement over the $944/oz cash costs in 2009. But wait a minute, the audited financials from 2009 stated the cash costs at San Juan for 2009 were $485/oz.

Does that mean the 2009 financials have be re-stated or are these guys lying awake at night trying to dream up what other negatives they can come up with?

Rickydee said...

I will be at work during the CC, i really hope they you guys call in and put MAJOR in an awkward situation and ask all the hard questions. This CC will make or break our case against these goons, no more soft questions or praise for them please, be respectful for for shits sake dont pat them on the back for anything. They need to answer AND ANSWER NOW IM SICK OF THIS SHIT. these guys are getting on my nerves, never have i been as pissed off as after reading about the exercised warrants, this is utterly rediculous and fraudulent at the same time.

PayDay said...

how about those cash costs at San Juan - $853/oz - an improvement over the $944/oz cash costs in 2009. But wait a minute, the audited financials from 2009 stated the cash costs at San Juan for 2009 were $485/oz.


This is deplorable! They are doubling the cash costs per oz??!! How can that even be legal?

Glenfidish said...

To all Committee members and long time valued posters,

On behalf of myself i would like to thank fredericton, carib, production, hoov, sudbury, positive carry, and the rest of the bunch for your round the clock dedication and effort that will not go unnoticed. I thank you for the fight, the principle and ethics we all have. I know i am a proud canadian. Many other investors are from different parts of the world. Money is the game, but in this case i'd rather lose money fighting for a cause then lose my money handing it over free of charge. Count me in. I will donate what i can. Donate i will and urge others to due so as well. Fredericton once again thanks man!



46,000 honest shares!

Gold1 said...

ALL tough questions please! Waaay too much deference in that last CC. One or both of these guys have phd's?
Worked with top academics/science guys all my life ... F & C are rats nothing more. Might call but voice/age could give me away. I will hit the floor hard if we get one serious worthwhile reply. Strategy expressed elsewhere should be via comments --- to use to convey to those who have not frequented igloo, SH, agora to visit such. BTW some posts showing up on IV re: cmm/wtg.

Wingfong said...

Let the NO merger side wins, pay top dollars n award top incentives for a true mining professional as our new CEO. Realign the bod with the right ratios n with untinted righteous men/women who will be fair for all.Then we do a 1 for 5 rights @$0.50 giving $40 millions or @0.30 giving $24 millions for funding. Instruct the CEO to put on hold all exploration works for 12 months n just do mining in Lamaque n San Juan day in n day out. If we can do that I will bet my farm on such a revamped CMM.Is it not that our gold is waiting to be mined? is it not that we have a 3000tpd full capacity running mill? Is it not that we are in the best of jurisdictions?Is it not that we are the first to use low profile mining equipment in North America? Is it not that we have already stuffed the mines with all the necessary mining personnel? Is it not that Lamaque is progressing reasonably well in 3 mine fronts? is it really that difficult to produce that bloody 100,000 oz of gold a year in spite of all these? I was taught long time ago that things will always be difficult to those who are lazy n to those who do not apply themselves.

Gilmourr said...

If your going to ask questions on the CC today, don't ask Finskiy questions..Major has already said on the last call that basically he has no idea what Finskiy does because he isn't Finskiy and Finskiy isn't on the call.

Also, any subjective questions he will shoot down instantly, like "what do you make of the markets response?"

Ask objective, number questions about financials or dilution concerns (not Finskiys stuff, but PP's and granting officers options).

Also, this.. "And how about those cash costs at San Juan - $853/oz - an improvement over the $944/oz cash costs in 2009. But wait a minute, the audited financials from 2009 stated the cash costs at San Juan for 2009 were $485/oz." makes 0 sense being that costs/ounce is a non-GAAP figure so the changeover to IFRS wouldn't cause any retroactive changes by auditors. However the company will probably say its an error because cash was coming IN from SJ, not out

That's definitely sketchy though

Goldhawk48 said...

Century Mining Web Page
Page 26,27
The Directors are required by Law.
To act honestly,and in good faith in the best interest of the Company and its Share Holders.
Stock Igloo has a open polewere almost 600 people voted.
Only 3% are for the Merger
97% Appose the Merger.
This is clearly not in the Share Holders Interest.

nt300 said...

I really like Wingfong idea. Great thinking Pal, Let me add,

I elect “OUR” Century’s Committee to become Century’s next Board of Directors if they so choose too. And completely removing the BOD that currently resides within the Company today. By doing this, the minority shareholders get properly compensated by the real value of CMM and an opportunity to further invest in Century so we can “ALL” financially unleash Lamaque full potential of producing an excess of 100,000 oz. I am flabergaseded that we haven’t reached more than 120,000 oz by now. These crooks have been holding CMM back way too long and it’s finally time to give them the boot out.

I agree with Gilmourr, we need to ask questions that won’t get rejected. How about some reverse psychology, something that if he refused to answer will make him look stupid....


nt300.....I totally agree with your recommendation. These individuals have in excess of 40,000,000 shares on the line.

At the same time I have to indicate that we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Although there is nothing wrong with proactive thinking.

Yesterday, I listened to a CBC programme on mixed gender participation on company Board of Directors and the advantages of this reality. British Columbia is leading the way in this regard.

I have one female nominee that I would like considered and her initials are...... Margaret "Peggy" Kent.

But first we have to get through the upcoming conference call and all the nonsense that will need to be dealt with.

nt300 said...

I totally agree FREDERICTON,

Despite Margaret’s questionable performance w/ CMM, all that put aside, I now believe her hands may have been tied up for some reason or another.
That said, I too respectfully consider PK.... Hell, why not... Major has already proved to be the aris of this company...

dave peters said...

There were a few good questions on the conference call.

However, I can't help but be concerned that not a single analyst raised a question.

PayDay said...

Apparently no one could get through to the CC.

Another convenience?