Friday, April 15, 2011

More $.425 options

(per SEDI)

Expiry date - April 13, 2016

Campoy - 250,000


Carib said...

One month after Peggy "resigns", Campoy is awarded 200,000 options after he received 250,000 options on the day he was re-elected to the Board the previous month.

One month after the Board unanimously approves the "Business Combination" Campoy is awarded another 200,000 options - his third grant of options in less than a year.

Anyone see a pattern here?

Sheriden was also awarded 200,000 options this time, but not after Peggy resigned. I guess he didn't vote for her resignation.

BTW one need not be concerned that these options are exercised to increase the Yes vote. The only time options are exercised by these directors is after they sell shares (from previous option exercises) to raise the cash to exercise the options. Heaven forbid that they actually risk any of their own cash.

Uall said...

OK. This stinks. These useless directors don't deserve the options. But the optimistic side of me is thinking that these options are useless unless CMM share price is above $0.425.

At least they'll have more incentive to push the share price up. :/

Some time before 2016 that is...

Uall said...

And if they thought the share price would go any lower, they would probably have waited a little longer to grant those options.

Wingfong said...

I see a pattern per your revealation. It seems to be an awkward one for the receivers. If I am not wrong, DB has 3,000,000 warrants in his package too.