Tuesday, April 12, 2011

cone crusher basics



Ron S. said...

Do we need to hone in on the cone crusher issue at all?

I do not discount sabotage at all.
However, at this time that would be impossible to prove.
Even on the day it happened the type of failure would never be proof. Bearings have a finite life.
Premature failure can be in the simplest form just a bad unit from the factory. (yeah right)
And people screw up. They just go home without a job and their bosses don't go to court as an accomplice.

One positive thing about any focus on the cone crusher issue is that I bet it will run just fine from now on. I don't think crusher breakdowns very often send our competition reeling on the ropes.

blizzy said...

fair enough, I was just POed about the CC. But none the less it helps, for some, to know what a cone crusher actually is.
So I will leave it there.

Ron S. said...

I overstated my case a bit, it doesn't hurt to be informed about the mechanism of the crusher.

Yes the CC. They did not take all calls, to me the empty que was a lie. Shows the depth of quality of any arguement available to defend the deal. Little to none.
One dull schlep calling in (first)saying we are all crazy or whatever.