Sunday, April 3, 2011

CMM Committee

Sorry for the delay in posting on this blog.

The committee had a conference call today that was a very good start. The members are as stated earlier. Fair For All, Positive Carry, Hoov, Rosedale, Carib and SN. Fair for All is the Chairman. SN is the secretary.

Work is well underway. You can expect updates as we proceed.

As you can appreciate we will not be signaling our moves to the general public. However we will be keeping you informed as best we can along the way.

All input is appreciated. You can send your input by logging onto Agoracom and sending a PM to Sudbury Novice.

Thanks for your support


Wolf Advocate said...

It looks like we have so really smart people on the team. Good! However, do give the outer circle of associates some additional info:

 Do tell us tell us what the primary objectives are as viewed by the team. This seems obvious but in a shark feeding frenzy we need a sanity check.
 Do confirm, that the numbers and diversity of the board membership, is such that it precludes the possibility Max and associates / minions can not bribe / purchase the cooperation of the team majority.
 Do tell us how best to support a unified effort for a fair deal. Additionally, it would help to give us the reasoning behind the strategy.

If, you do this, I know that most reasonable CMM Shareholders will support the effort.

nt300 said...

Good point Wolf Advocate, but I don’t think it’s a good idea right now to post more information in regards to the prevention of this merger.
I am almost certain Mr. F and boys of WTG are viewing this blog among others and probably formulizing some sort of defence on their part.
We want to give them as little information as possible on our strengths and if any, weaknesses. What I hope we accomplish is a strong factual representation that can bitch slap upside the head with proof of wrong doing, so Mr. F and boys of WTG can swallow this merger and go away, leaving our CMM company stronger than ever. Just my 2cense... Though I could be wrong and the more info released to us the better???

Ron S. said...

I would go to the side of less publishing of existing facts. We have thouroughly gone over all we have access to so far.
Publish new information of course.

Interesting thoughts in your points Wolf.
Part of the committee effort may be to be available to larger holding(s) siding with us, but preferring to stay quiet here.

To me, to best support at this point is to just vote NO.

It is any strategies AFTER the vote we will need some quick revealing of tactics from the committee. Your point of having some awareness of who our committee is etc. would be good to know before the vote so there will be a better certainty to following to a suggested action after the vote.
Agree nt300, It may be best to be quiet about tactics here until the vote numbers are recorded.

Wingfong said...

I believe between now and the release of the info circular, we allow the committee to work its magic in the quite. If there is anything worth letting members know in the mean time, I am sure the committee will take the initiative too.