Saturday, April 9, 2011

Here is another newsletter that has picked up our Takeover story, it does not take sides, it just talks about social medias and how they are being used, quoting some of our blogs post as an example.


dave peters said...

Interesting find, but it doesn't really say much and some of what it does say is wrong. Oh well.

maria said...

dave peter, I think if this people want to report something they should at least make sure they have the facts straight, otherwise they are just using this blog and the controversy for their benefit--that is, to get a following...

Ron S. said...

Is Dave trying to get a following?
Not sure I understand your point.

I do not see something on the ithinkmining page to warrant your comment.

maria said...

I'm not talking about dave but the person who wrote the article.

Why write an article if you aren't interested enough to find out what's really going on? According to dave the article "doesn't really say much and some of what it does say is wrong".

If it's not for a "following" tell me what's for.

nt300 said...

I would have to agree with maria on this one, in terms of the author of the article, he does not know the true facts of this merger/takeover... IMO the article makes CMM sort of look negative...

That article does not lend a hand to our fight against this merger. The quotes are from this blog that are quotes from another source lol such as news websites, I really did not enjoy that read at all...

Ron S. said...

OK, I see your points, You are right.
Overall he is analysing mining blog use in a narrow way and groups us with the likes of Stockhouse too quickly, basically from lack of interest. ie. "I have not read it all." It is hurtful but I don't think he will really hurt us.

If he were being robbed I think he would also speak disparagingly.

I will write him now that I re-read, as we are no more "a rare example of the use of social media for mining purposes." anymore than his position(s) are the only normal example.

Free speech after all.

Ron S. said...

Below my letter to ithinkmining, probably a waste of time. I do not want to wander off on further debate with him but I am interested to see if he will be fair and publish the letter which I hope answers some of his mistreatment of our position.

Hi Jack,
I wish to write to you regarding your assessment of the Stockigloo Century Mining Blog. I feel you are analyzing our mining blog use in a narrow way as we are no more "a rare example of the use of social media for mining purposes." anymore than your blog and your position(s) are to be the (only?) norm.
The Stockigloo blog was offered as a way for meaningful discussion of company issues without dealing with persons using multiple aliases and having an agenda. That stuff quickly becomes and remains childish.
I agree with you about not having infinite time to go through reams of talk about sensational issues. It isn't mining. Most of us on the blog would really prefer not to be in our present situation with this attempt of a buyout of CMM.

Beyond the quotes you published, which deal with this recent sensational issue facing us, have been many hours of serious work in the past by some individuals dealing with production strategies, ore grades, financing, net worth analysis and more. Personally, I am humbled by the quality of their contributions which only aid my understanding of my investment.
However, you have revealed what is sensational and left it hanging there. Your comment "And so it goes for over three years of posting." is not a fair or thoughtful treatment of either the past quality work or of even the depths of the current scheme presented.
So yes, we have circled our wagons on this blog and at Agoracom . The comment "manipulating public opinion" to me implies some idealism for a blog beyond anyone's ability, certainly to ordinary persons without infinite time available.
We have no other place to group. If you were being offered large risk in exchange for a good asset you invested in, I think you would want to speak with some emphasis and disparagingly about the issue. Is there a better way than in a blog? Where else can I stay connected, remain informed and add weight to my voice.
Out of all this communication there is now a committee working. They have been able to form and can communicate apart from any sensational posting to do the real work needed.

But the foundation of this proposal put to us is just simply a sensational steal many of us believe. We have to deal with it as best we can, I find that normal not rare.

NSX001 said...

Marvelous letter Ron S., well said and very articulate. I hope he takes us little more seriously and follows up on his last article and takes it to the next level.

Ron S. said...

Jack Caldwell has posted the letter.
Thank you Jack.
And thanks Maria for making me read his comments slower and analyse better.