Monday, April 18, 2011

For comments

With regards to the Concerned Shareholders NR (below).


peety said...

A very good and concise read. What exactly are the plans for distribution.

bigjohn37 said...

Committee members,
Let me be the first one to thank you and congratulate you for your hard work & dedication to our common cause. You make all of us, Concerned Shareholders, proud. What you said in the News Release is factual. It can not be ignored by CMM's management & BoD. I am sure that the regulators will also take notice. THANKS, 80+ million!!!

Anonymous said...

Committee, an excellent PR. Thank you for all your efforts to get the voice of minority shareholders out there. This is a great summary of the issues. My only question is why there isn't mention that the new business entity would be based offshore, this is a big issue for means a shareholder.


Wildeboer Delleice LLP

We've got heavy hitters on our side.

Wopster said...

Committee members,

I also bow down to you and thank you for all your dedication and devotion in thinking for all of us sufferers.

I will definately respond to the firm and look forward to the future.

Again, I thank you and hope for the best for all.


FitGeek said...

Excellent release. Descriptive and highlights the known facts without going into conjecture. I hope it gets picked up automatically in the News section of CMM's chart on sites such as Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, etc.

nt300 said...

Wonderful Read and thank you very much Committee members for your hard dedicated work.

I found this NR on Google Finance.

PayDay said...


STANDING OVATION to all CMM Concerned Shareholder Committee members!

Now I look forward to reading the company's response (if any - cowards the lot of them!)

Jonathan said...

I thank you dearly for your brevity, time, and determination on behalf of all of us. You are the legs of what hopefully turns out to be a bull of a block of dissenting shareholders to ram this business combination. Thank you, once again.

Ryan K said...

Thank you for the hard work that you have put in.

Google Finance has picked up the article, but at this point Yahoo has not.

Gilmourr said...

CMM Committee,

Amazing read. Summed up many points of the unfair treatment to shareholders by directors and mgmt regarding the business combination.

I really like the case we're building and am definitely interested to see how the board will respond to this.

I however am skeptical on the operating front of CMM. While this debacle continues, what can we expect our operations to act like? It seems there is a huge lack of transparent information on what the true situation is on the ground at Lamaque and San Juan. And with management going in another direction, will this not present a huge gridlock situation at our mines? How can we prevent any direct sabotage by management?

Should we expect ramp up to be stalled at these TPD/grade levels? And even if we do block the business combination, can we expect any of these directors to act in the best interest of shareholders after all of this?

I definitely don't.

Any answers are appreciated! And btw, kudos on the hard work

NSX001 said...

Gentlemen of the Committee, I tip my hat to you all.

If this NR does not wake up surveillance members of the OSC and BCSC, then they may as well close their doors, for they would be totally useless.

The idea that any unscrupulous (crook) business person can start up a business in the BVI, and be allowed to trade in any of this country's stock exchanges without controls just boggles my mind.

My head is just swimming at this moment thinking about this crap, where the H*LL are our regulators, our elected politicians, even they should be able to smell the rot that they have given rise to with their rules and regulations.

Sorry for the rant, I just had to get that off my chest, I'm just totally discussed with this whole sordid mess.

nt300 said...

Scotia iTRADE have not picked up the story yet. Hopefully by tomorrow morning they will have it... Once again, Awesome Job Committee...

s24 said...

Very well said and interesting questions posed. Truth is the ultimate power.. I thank you all for your hard work.

Here is what i get on BMO:

ADVISORY-Please ignore alert on Century Mining
18 Apr 2011 14:35 ET

Reuters terminal users - Please be advised that the alert "Century Mining Corporation Concerned Shareholders Question Business Combination with White Tiger Gold Ltd" was inadvertently issued.


News © Reuters Limited. Click for Restrictions.

doc said...

Great work guys - shareholders unite! This came out on TD around 3pm on both the WTG and CMM Markets and Research area.

bigrattler said...

I would also like to give our committee a big thank you as I am sure there have been some sacrifices made on their part. Wonder if any of these clowns on the bod will start resigning, and give all the options back. Seems that Finsky and Scola's arrogance and greed got the better of them. Hopefully the regulators find enough evidence to pass this case onto the RCMP for criminal charges.

bigrattler said...

also I read the news on stockwatch

Brattymack said...

Just awesome work, I am very proud of all of you guys.

I am just so pissed off that this even had to take place I can't even tell you.

You have my full support and I would imagine we are just getting started.

There are great assets here and the price of gold continues to rise. You know they never shopped the company around to other suitors.

Keep up the fantastic work and I'd be happy to do my part to financially support this.

Wingfong said...

A huge Thank U to our dedicated committee members . Bloggers had talked about the need of an NR some times back n now we have it. To me, we have now taken a "formal" step in voicing our serious objection to n rejection of the mearger deal. This NR is factual, forceful, timely n it sure is our first bugle call.

Wingfong said...

Gilmourr.." skeptical on the operating front...".
Your concerns are mine too. My thinking is should the NO vote wins, whether there is reconciliation between mamagement n shareholders or not, ways must be found to strengthen minority shareholders representation and/or to re-cast the senior management team n to realign the BOD in the right ratios with untinted men n women who are fair for all. We must not let the management make- up to be the same should we win this tussle.

Paydirt13 said...

Well done committee! We are clearly represented by a competent group.
This is a great step in showing these criminals we aren't rolling over.
Many thanks


Rickydee said...

Thank you very much committee for your hard work and dedication to this cause, i greatly appreciate the fact that we have people that have the guts to put their names and reputations out there to defend the minority shareholders of this company. Keep up the good work.

paliman said...

very professional NR from our Concerned Shareholders Committee,very very well done.I with you Wingfong, first we stop this merger then we take on the board with a united minorty shareholders group.

maria said...

I can't thank the committee enough.

I just can't wait for the time when those crooks pay for the frustration they are putting us through.

There's nothing I want more than to hear that an official investigation is in process. Thank you guys

nt300 said...

Here’s some advice for the White Tiger crooks and its clowns that took CMM from beating its 52-Week high all the way down to $0.37. You should all just get up and leave never to come back. As for the BOD for this great company, resign and save some grace or eventually get voted off unless you can bring CMM back to major profitability. We’ve got confirmation that there is indeed an investigation being conducted by the authorities and this wonderfully written and quite factual NR by our wonderful committee just adds fuel to the fire. It’s Game Over for the BOD & White Tiger.