Tuesday, April 19, 2011

White Tiger - PLUMMETTING!!

Down 45% since Mar 12.

Crash & Burn Baby. Crash & Burn.


Uall said...

Really? Does this deserve a new posting?

Could you save this stuff for stockhouse please? I thought Igloo was meant for posting of insightful ideas.

nt300 said...

Uall, I don’t need to tell you that PayDay has been a great asset with his postings and information he’s been digging up for us all. I believe this does deserve a new postings, let's see how White Tiger fairs now with this great NR by our wonderful Committee. I can see the Tiger dipping lower than low itself... And it would be well deserved if and when it reaches that goal... Perhaps they will get kicked off the TSX...

PayDay said...

I thought it was worth mentioning, yes.

Its obvious the committee's work is having an effect -though I thought the lower WTG goes, the higher CMM should go because of arbitrage, but I guess CMM just goes down regardless.

Go figure!

Uall said...

We already know that WTG is a worthless POS. What good does it do to repeatedly bring it up? Rather than wasting your energy on a useless topic and clog up this blog, why don't you spend your time on something more productive.

"though I thought the lower WTG goes, the higher CMM should go because of arbitrage, but I guess CMM just goes down regardless"
- This is just completely false info. It's so disheartening to read all the misinformation on this blog.

nt300 said...

Uall - This is just completely false info. It's so disheartening to read all the misinformation on this blog.
Explain yourself, though I now see your point in regards to posting this information. Anyway PayDay I hate to say it but CMM's share price is at a steal now, who knows perhaps we will see a White Knight in the very near term....

Gilmourr said...

WTG down to 95 cents at this rate!

0.38 / 0.4

Don't think century is going much lower than .38, may touch mid 30's, but we haven't broken the .30 level barrier since I started in this stock back in November 09! Lets not retest that..

Uall said...

"though I thought the lower WTG goes, the higher CMM should go because of arbitrage"

To arbitrage this situation, you need to go long CMM and short WTG (BTW, NOBODY'S BEEN ABLE TO SHORT WTG RIGHT NOW), because the ratio between CMM and WTG right now (0.16 to 1) is way smaller than the specified ratio in the merger agreement (0.4 to 1).

This means that arbitrageurs think that CMM share price should be at WTG * 0.4. When WTG goes down, investors have less of an incentive to short WTG and long CMM, causing share price to fall

PayDay said...

When WTG goes down, investors have less of an incentive to short WTG and long CMM, causing share price to fall

Yes, but since WTG is a worthless POS destined to crash under $1, where does that leave CMM?

If WTG goes back to 0.50, that does not mean CMM is worth 0.20.

I estimated fair value of CMM pre-merge to be $1.50+. It seems to me the lowest CMM should go is 61% of that or 0.90. The gold is still there regardless.


Without picking sides either way, I'm just ecstatic with euphoria at how well our Committee has responded. For the present we have good reason to revel and enjoy what is happening so a little give and take is in order ...... we deserve it.

My mind is just a flutter with what could be happening on the other side. They have bought into something that I do not think they ever envisioned.

So let us enjoy ourselves at this juncture of the process but the reality is still there. We have a long fight ahead of us and what keeps nagging at me is ...BEWARE THE SLY WOUNDED FOX.

In the meantime, this is a buying opportunity. For every share I'm buying now.... is one less share that we have to worry about or it could also be said..... is one more share that Finskiy and Associates have to worry about.

Happy days are here again.... for now.

PayDay said...


You got that damn straight!

I posted this on stockhouse but it bears repeating:

I am expecting Daniel Major to issue another badly worded PR that revises Lamaque guidance downward right around the same time WTG locked shares start dumping on the market..(end of the month) He's already warned that April is a "critical month" for CMM in the last CC.

It will be something to the effect of:

.....'The company has completed its review of the effects from the 9 day cone crusher shut down. This along with continued poor grades from Lamaque, and stalled progress on the North Wall necessitates our revising guidance for Lamaque to 40,000 opy from 70,000 opy...blah blah blah"

CMM will need this to offset the crash in WTG that will be occurring at the end of April - a lower guidance will make CMM look even more desperate despite the low WTG price (below $2). You see they can't have CMM at 50c when WTG will be at $1.50.

I hope I'm wrong but I think its coming.

Wingfong said...

is it true that there are 25million WTG shares free to trade on April 30th to May 1st (free from their lock up period)?

PayDay said...


It is true and some of these shares get unlocked as early as April 23

Wingfong said...

Tks for the info Payday

nt300 said...

Here is a QUOTE from Hoov from Stock house:
The Committee will reveal its strategy only when and if, in consultation with legal counsel, it deems it advisable to do so. There is a lot more going on that we have told you so far.
All I have to say is CMM BOD better watch it's wording on the next PR/NR they plan on releasing. Any miss-information/intentional info in helping to drive CMM price further down will result in legal action and get them deeper in hot water IMHO. It’s illegal to flat out lie about the true potential of Century Mining and its mining operations. We all know for a fact Lamaque is loaded with GOLD...

Ron S. said...

Gentlemen, we will get through this.
In the meantime Mr. Helmer is keeping all this in his sights and as well published our release from yesterday.
Please see his comments on his website.



The precipitous drop of WTG from $4.50 to $2.50 within 4 weeks gives credence to the wake up call that we have all discussed many times. Just to refresh our memories... the concern was that WTG was offering us 0.4:1 when WTG was at $4.50 and they bragged about how good a deal this was. Many of us asked... what about if WTG gets manipulated down to 1.00... Finskiy & Associates steal us at $.40.

I do not profess to understanding all the mechanics of what is happening but one thing that I will say is that I feel privileged to be involved in this fight and the learning experience.

bigjohn37 said...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: did you folks notice that the NO votes is now well over 81 million. I'll stick my neck out & predict that we'll pass 100 million before voting day (that is, if it ever comes to a vote!?).


For our INTERNATIONAL CMM investors (and I don't mean Finskiy and Associates)Dudley Do-right is a Canadian icon

From Wikipedia......(with a few alterations.)
Dudley Do-Right (Concerned Shareholders Committee) was a Canadian Mountie who was always trying to catch his nemesis Snidely Whiplash (Max Finskiy). Dudley D0-right romantically pursued Nell Fenwick (Margaret Kent), the daughter of Inspector Fenwick, the head of the Mountie station. However, a running gag throughout the series was Nell's interest in his horse (called Horse).

While the other side is swetting bullets......we can still enjoy a Golden sense of humour.

nt300 said...

Darn, Scotia iTRADE missed the committee's NR and went right to the options NR. I'll give them another e-mail...

PayDay said...

I find the timing of the CMM 'options' news release very suspiscious - SAME DAY AS CMM CONCERNED SHAREHOLDERS NR!!!

Lines up perfectly with the other "coincidences"

* Mar 8 - Cone crusher PR last day of registered shares deadline

* Apr 6 - San Juan tailing PR - 2 days before registered shares deadline

I think the committee ought to put out another press release just to test out the theory and see if its deliberate attempt to obfuscate the issues by CMM BoD.