Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Attn Shareholders' Committee

Hey guys,

Would one of you please contact me via private message. I have a suggestion to make regarding our approach to our lawyer that I think would really help our cause. I come from a law background so I know how law firms function. I have tried to get Sudbury North to give me a call, but have not had any luck thus far.

There's been some concern among the Committee that I am a mole. Please understand that I am simply offering you guys a suggestion and NOT TRYING TO SPY ON YOUR STRATEGY. I am not asking you and HAVE NEVER ASKED YOU to divulge any vital information to me. It's up to you guys to determine if I'm full of crap. But if you don't hear me out, you'd be doing yourself (as well as your fellow investors) a great disservice. I've been a very successful investor for a very long time... you can judge me by my ideas, not by your preconceived notions.

If you contact me by private message, I can give you my phone number. The person I talk to would preferrably also be the one who will be meeting with our lawyers (to prevent information slippage).

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nt300 said...

Well no wonder they are not contacting you, it's Sudbury Novice not Sudbury North...