Friday, April 15, 2011

White Tiger = BROKE??!!

White Tiger Gold Current Cash: $16 Million Over the next 2 to 3 years the Company [WTG] anticipates that it will need to widen the Savkino mine, construct a new crush and screen unit and build new processing facilities. Approximately US$20-25 million would be required to complete these activities. A second stage capital expenditure program of US$10- 15 million may be carried out depending on the availability of additional funding. Dalsvetmet anticipates that approximately US$11 million will be required in order to continue its exploration and development activities on the Nasedkino licence area. It's no wonder White Tiger wants Century Mining....If anyone is wondering where all of the profits from San Juan/Lamaque are headed....Finisky needed a good milk cow to fund all his pet projects in Moscow.


nt300 said...

Great post PayDay. What you wrote makes a lot of sense. We need to stay away from WTG as much as possible.

bigrattler said...

or the scenario that was mentioned on the CC.The one where Intergeo does a reverse take over of White Tiger and gets their TSX listing.If the rape of CMM isn't successful no listing for Intergeo, plans fall apart, Finsky confused. The rape happens, White Tiger shortly falls on hard times due to inheriting CMM fabricated problems, share price drops and along comes hero Intergeo to help and take over, end result, minority shareholders take the sausage twice. Not to mention they are hq'd in British Virgin Islands and anything goes there. Just expressing some thoughts.

peety said...

In the 'business combination' CMM shareholders are told we will benefit by:

-access to White Tiger's working capital to fund continued development of the Lamaque mine,

It seems the only real benefit we will realize is:

-management with the relationships, reputation and experience to successfully identify and EXPLOIT opportunities throughout the country.

The only real truth I have seen so far...

Wingfong said...

I am certain they know the inside story of CMM's gold and the potentials of all the Co's properties. For those who yearn to know the bigger picture, I would suggest the following readings.
The one single best source of info pertaining to CMM's mining assets, where the near-term additional gold counts will be coming from, future exploration potentials and the total assets's overall implied values may be found in the following past articles by Prod05.
These articles contain info not found in the Co's web site nor will they be found anywhere else. So for those who want to get a better understanding and venture closer to the truth of the exact value (which no one will actually know anyway) of all the assets the Co is currently holding, these are excellent starting points.

Wingfong said...

From The CMM Blog Archive
1) March 28 2010--Thoughts on the upcoming San Juan exploration programs
2) MARCH 29 2010--The Southern Peru Cu-Porphyry belt
3) March 31 2010--Erika-Century's geologists are far more optimistic than I thought
4) April 6 2010-- We are only scratching the surface in gold potential at Lamaque
5)June 7 2010-- Bigjohn 37
6)June 9 2010--I wonder what Mr Daniels (previous VP geology) think about the potentials of these 2 extremely minor Century properties
7)June 27 2010--Long-term exploration targets around Lamaque (not even a complete list)

Wingfong said...

It is my contention that we have enough of gold to keep us busy for the next 10 years (n probably make us rich too). Frankly, to mine that 1.32 million oz of P&P gold at +/-100,000oz annually will probably take us 11-12 years! leave alone those M&I ounces in resources in our current NI43-101.
As such, with Lamaque potentially holding +/- 10 million ounces of gold, I am convinced WE DO NOT NEED TO GET INVOLVE WITH ANY SIBERIAN MOOSE PASTURES AND CMM WILL ENRICH ALL SHAREHOLDERS IF THE CO IS PROBABLY MANAGED!
To me, nature has endowed CMM with some of the best to excellent gold counts in the best of jurisdiction by any account. What I am concerned with is the question of whether the Co is well managed. At the same time it behoves us to think IS IT REALLY THAT DIFFICULT TO MANAGE A GOLD MINE WELL? I believe most of us already know the answer by now why CMM seems unable to deliver. The assets are not to be blamed, the mining technologies n equipment are not to be blamed, the workers/miners are not to be blamed, the gold price is definately not to be blamed n funding is not insurmountable. The only blame one can levy on squarely right now is the utter failure of management.

paliman said...

I agree Wingfong, its time we formed a retailers union and defeat this proposed merger and put some of our people on this board, just for a start. Then we get ride of the unproductive ones and finally have a voice in our company.

paliman said...

We have alot of good people on our committee that my want to be active in a formal peoples union. It would not cost that much to run with enough members. Its time for us to fight back as ordinary people and stop this explotation of retail.

paliman said...

I would like to support our committee with some funds. Like another poster pointed out they must be out of pocket by now and thats not fair, you guys are great and deserve recognition. Let me help at least with some funds.