Friday, April 15, 2011

the TREND continues

540 members have indicated their displeasure with the merger offer.

Of these 466 have indicated that they do not want WTG paper, 74 have indicated that they would accept 1:1 WTG:CMM.

To day, 257 members have indicated their holdings at 80,460,912. These numbers indicate that 283 members or 52 % have still to add their holding to the list. (up 5% in the past week)

I'm going to suggest that those still standing in the wings have large holdings and they are holding back until the Management Information Circular is presented.

I am also going to indicate that the CMM Shareholder's Committee position would be further enhanced if they (and Finskiy and Associates who we know are monitoring) had an idea of the size of the anti-merger sentiment. As such I'm going to request that those who are still standing in the wings with their positions consider posting to the Anti-merger listing.

None the less, Finskiy and Associates have even more reason to be concerned by the numbers even as they stand today. Within the past week, 23 addtional members have indicate their displeasure...... and the TREND continues.

(and yes I do know the anomalies in my methodology... but the TREND is the TREND)


Anonymous said...

Well folks, I've done a lot of reading over the weeks and months,years for that matter,never seen anything like it,the timing,happenings, negative N/R's and fabricated going on's is absolutely mind boggling.I am one of these big fish that has not listed my shares yet.One could write a book on how this has seemed to be played out!.My question is, is that even if one asks for a 1 to 1 swap they just do a share consolidation later any way. Oh What I would give Peggy if she was able to say something legally, good or bad.If WTG could give us a gaurrante of no one taking us over and truely building a producer with WTG,but how the blazzings do you trust someone that has chosen the way they choose to put out N/R's like they have

nt300 said...

The more people sign the anti-merger listing and show there shares, the more likely WTG will either go away or will be forced to offer us something MUCH better...

The issue is WTG has no money, yet they claim to have the world. I believe they want CMM's gold producing mines to make themselves rich and not give anything back to shareholders.

If this merger ever comes true, we can expect the same manipulative crap we are seeing now.

Century can do much much better than WTG, we don't need crooks running our company...

PayDay said...

Endeavor Mining ought to do a merge/take-over with Century Mining. Combined they would be a 180,000 opy producer. EDV also has 200M cash in the bank along with a 100M line of credit facility.

EDV currently trades at $2.50 per share (114M o/s).

I for one would prefer a 0.4 EDV for 1 CMM share offer (even though it equates to $1 per CMM share). The upside would be much better with EDV than the phoney White Tiger.

I don't trust Fink-sky as far as I can spit. WTG/CMM consolidation is only Part 1 of a larger move into Polyus or some other Russian crap.

nt300 said...

PayDay, you should try shooting off an e-mail to Endeavor Mining. That would be a great idea and a great oportunity for both Century and Endeavor...and it's shareholders...

PayDay said...

Century Mining needs Endeavor but does Endeavor want Century Mining? In any case, I have a feeling they wouldn't be too interested in keeping the current CMM BoD!

Tim said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Good day Tim..... would you please indicate your position on the CMM/WTG merger and possibly, if you don't mind, your rationale for that position.


Wingfong said...

Hi Anonymous
I remember Carib, our blog administrator had already mentioned that he would not publish articles by anonymous but he had allowed 2 since. The first one was from America trading/ investing on CMM shares in an American exchange n the second one is yours. I believe Carib is probably hoping that U will strenghten us by way of listing your shares n be part of the anti- merger camp fighting for our rights n trying hard to prevent our investments from being siphoned off by deceitful means organised by less than honourable characters. I would welcome U to do so n I am sure all of us in this camp welcome U too. Looking forward to seeing your listing soon.

ernie said...

You guys must have fun communicating back and forth to one another. It's the same guys talking about the same old bullshit. During the conference call this past week, how many phoned in and expressed their concerns? I can tell you, nobody! This merger is going to happen whether you guys like it or not.


Ernie.... many members beside myself have indicated their unsuccessful attempts to enter the CC que. On discussions with Richard Meschke he indicated that he could see who was in the que. I have yet to determine with Verizon if during these conference call the originators have the ability to adjust the que list or to delete paricipants. Richard did mention to me that one call did come in after the close of the call.

As to your position on the merger, would you be kind enough to outline and share the reasons for taking the position that you have. Can I suggest that it would be appropriate for you to do so considering that you have taken a very strongly worded position.

Thanks, we await your response.

PayDay said...

Don't count your chickens before they've hatched Ernie.

There is a reason CMM keeps pushing back the vote date!

My opinion is they do not have the votes in the bag, are shocked at the resistance, now trying to formulate a plan to:

a) drive down the price even more (which could just BACKFIRE on them and open up CMM to a hostile Takeover)

b) get out of the merger deal without paying the $13.5M breakfee

c) issue more propoganda to try to ram this deal through (not going to happen with CMM trading at 42c - lower than last yr when Lamaque only producing 14,400 for the year!)


After reading the SEDAR filings relating to the loans.... this was my interpretation. I would appreciate it if members would review and comment.... did I get it right?
Even the loan agreements were underhanded and intended to, in disquise, steal the company. What I read on SEDAR was to the effect. ......... We'll (WTG) lend you (CMM)money @ 10% interest to be paid back on the additional condition that you merge your company (CMM) into ours (WTG) and you give up your rights either direct or implied.

A more understandable example of my interpretation is that I go to buy a car and finance it through a finance company. The finance company says yes we'll lend you the money to buy the car @ 10 % interest, you have to pay us back AND sell us your house at 1/2 price. Now that we know you need money to buy the car, if you don't finance it with us..... you have to pay us $1,350 because we talked to you.

STUPID, STUPID, STUPID is all I can say, besides......HOW DARE THEY !

I look forward to your responses.

Wingfong said...

Hi Fredericton & Payday
ernie had made 4 postings under comment on March 25 2011...Dennis Boyko-WTG fair market valuation . I am sure U would like to take a look at them


Wingfong..... as you prepare for lunch (my tomorrow) and I prepare for bed (your yesterday).... I think that Ernie represents the exasperation that has been forced on all of us as we wait and try to show patience. We were at 24 + days and counting but now we have the uncertain dates. I'm pleased that CMM Management i.e. Finskiy and Associates do not appear to be as head strong as they were initially.

We should be hearing something shortly from our CMM Shareholder's committee and in the meantime I await a response from TIM-SKIY who I invited to make his reasoning known to us.

nt300 said...

ernie, the CC was a load of BS. I called in over and over again but no luck, yet the same people got through more than once? Explain that one Pal.

It seems many of us that called in didn't get through. Now what a convenient coincidence for the people in charge of the CC.

It was nice that a few asked some good questions, but there was a lot more that should have been discussed in this CC.