Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today`s NR

To Mr. Major`s credit, I felt that this was a much more balanced NR (relative to the cone crusher NR). I`m not going to speculate on the motives behind this new approach, but it is a welcomed approach regardless.

Obviously, aside from the Finskiy issues, there are some significant challenges. They need to get the grade up at Lamaque (as we have all harped about since mid 2010). It`s positive that they completed the mill refirb - to be able to process 2,000 tpd once they get there. It`s also positive that development work on the North Wall will restart soon (with potential first ore production in about 3 months time).

Let`s hope they can work things out with OSINERGMIN in the near future and get milling at Peru going again. It`s good that they will be mining and stockpiling ore during the shutdown period.

Hello to Bigjohn, Wingfong and others. Thanks for the thoughts. I still glance at the blog on a daily basis. I feel sad for all of the long suffering Century shareholders. Everyone deserves a lot better than this. I likely will not be posting too much going forward. I will still try to post from time to time though. I need to better manage some other areas of my life - nothing too serious.


Uall said...

Hey Production,

Thanks for the analysis. Are you still on the shareholders' committee?

Hope all is well,


PayDay said...

The lower CMM drops the more likely they are to become a hostile take-over target!

I'd laugh my f*ing head off if someone swooped in and stole CMM right from under Finisky's nose.

Poor White Tiger could go back to Russia with their measly 100,000 oz.

Wingfong said...

Hi Prod05

Very glad to hear from U again. All the best n do take care.

nt300 said...

I would have to agree with PayDay, CMM is ripe for a fair offer from credible companies.

I too hope all is well Prod05.

bigjohn37 said...

Hi Production, it's good to hear from you. Thanks for all you have done for us. Take care of yourself (I don't have to tell you that our health is numero uno!).
All the best, bigjohn37

PS: I must confess that I am thinking of starting a "draft Production05" movement to serve on the BoD of the new CMM (as our representative, so to speak). Will you accept?

production05 said...

Hi Uall, unfortunately, I am unable to serve on shareholders committee. Nevertheless, I feel comfortable that we have good representation on the committee.

Hi bigjohn, thanks for the thoughts. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to serve on the BoD of any company. I`m sure the shareholder committee will do a fine job in representing us, especially once discussions get around to negotiations (assuming WTG and Finskiy`s group/Century`s current BoD is willing to open up that door).